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Creating Timeless Films where your Love Story is the Focus

The love. The excitement. The butterflies. What makes your story unique. We all promise to never forget the good stuff, but with time, subtle details begin to fade. That's where I come in. To capture your wedding day and help you re-live those special moments for years to come.

Heading 1

I believe in creating an experience that goes beyond just your special day. I want to help guide you, support you, be your advocate and your friend. I want to document your day and join you on the dance floor.

Film photography, writing music, playing soccer, sharing and laughing with family, eating Icecream at 10pm (Target's HomeMade Vanilla), visiting new places...are a few of many things I love to do.

Loving and prioritizing your love story, attention to detail, emotional story-telling - this is the Isaac Leka Films way  


You believe your love makes life sweeter, and it's worth celebrating over and over again.

                    SO.  DO.  I

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